About Us

To all current and future members of the Pomahaka Water Care Group.

As you will be aware the Pathways for the Pomahaka Group has been operating for the last two years.  To date this initiative has been funded by a voluntary annual $250.00 subscription from around 80 farmers and business people.

Our vision is for the Pomahaka River to be recognised as having the absolute highest water quality so that future generations can enjoy the river as we have

During the last two years we have:

  • Monitored and reported on the water quality of the Pomahaka and its tributaries (effectively establishing baseline measurements)
  • Facilitated on-farm water discharge testing
  • Gained concessions for our community, via effective submissions and lobbing to regional authorities.
  • Taken out the “River Story” award in the 2015 National River Awards

Our testing data has been combined with Otago Regional Council (ORC) data, and points to a slowdown in the deterioration of our water ways.  However at these current levels we are still collectively a long way from achieving our community’s water vision.  Additionally we are also still currently well above the targets set for us in the ORC Plan 6a which are due for implementation in 2020 (just four years away and failure to achieve these levels may result in us all having to seek consents in order to farm!!).

Continued gains are required.  Our group has identified a number of activities and actions that will be required to help make these essential gains a reality:

  • Continue to monitor water quality on key sites on the Pomahaka and its tributaries
  • To continue to promote and facilitate on-farm discharge testing
  • Continue to represent our community and lobby regional authorities on water quality related issues
  • To identify and promote best practice activities
  • To investigate the use and effectiveness of mini wetlands/filters and riparian plantings

A public meeting was recently held to discuss our progress to date as well as our plans for the future.  During this meeting it was identified that in order to make the required progress we would need community wide commitment and a more formalised structure/entity to manage the project – and not to mention, ongoing funding.

As a result of this meeting the entity “POMAHAKA WATER CARE GROUP INCORPORATED” has been formed.  Now that our goals and governance structure have been formalised we need a little help from each of you in order to for us to achieve our goal of improving water quality across our tributaries.

We would like to encourage existing, as well as new members, to re-new or take up a new $250 annual membership to the POMAHAKA WATER CARE GROUP.

If everyone does their bit, we will be able to look forward to having waterways in our district that make the news for the right reasons.  Waterways that we can all be proud of.


Lloyd McCall               027 248 9090                Simon O’Meara          027 242 6248

Craig Simpson   027 286 4611                    Shane Bocock             027 230 2864

Best Practice Response Team Contact Number 027 POMAHAK (027 766 2425)